Manila is 14degrees North of Equator

So today is the Equinox – the sun directly over the Equator – equal hours of light and dark all over the planet.  Autumnal equinox if you are in the North and Spring if you are in the South.  Doesn’t affect us that much in Manila – being in the Tropics we have minimal seasonal variation.  It seems to get dark here -very quickly at around 5pm every night.  So it was amusing reading in one of the papers today that they declared this is the start of winter in Manila – today is a hot sweaty humid 33C with accuweather telling me it has a real feel of 40C.

So for those not quite at GCSE Geography stage, remember seasons occur because the Earth spins on an axis that leans about 23 degrees off plumb during its orbit around the Sun.  That tilt is exaggerated the further north or south you are and when  tilts away from the sun = winter starting now for the Northern Hemispher) and summer arrives when it tilts back. Twice each year Earth swings into a position where the tilt goes broadside to the glare, and the the sun experiences a moment of planetary grace where it slips directly overhead at the equator. That moment is the equinox.  If you are far North – i.e. Alaska before the weekend ends, night will trump day and travelling even a few miles farther north means that it grows darker rather than lighter. And that will hold sway until the balance reverses in March.