Lubo – Base and Rectory.  5 hours from main road in the rainy season. Here we have Electricity and an intermittent signal. And from here we can penetrate deeper into the Cordillera, and access the more remote mission stations.

The path through the Paddy fields – beautiful but narrow.  There are two harvests – sometimes even three a year of rice – the paths take careful negotiation, especially with my big feet and for the pre-dawn walk to say mass, a head torch comes in handy! Hmm – where does Jesus talk about the narrow path?

A feast of Red Ants and Eggs – A local delicacy I believe!  Does anybody have the contact number of the Director of I’m a Celebrity!! Think of me when you are tucking into your mince pies and mulled wine.  Although I wouldn’t swop this for all the Turkey Sandwiches in Marks and Spencers

Gongs litter the floor after being used in a wonderful welcome ceremony(see below).  I hope to upload a video when I get the bandwith….