On the historical night of the election of Pope Francis – the Jesuit community & guests Fr Dushan Croos & Br Guy Consolmagno Sj , were toasting the health of the new Pope – when we were joined by a very enthusiastic Argentinian Postgrad.  It was a wonderful surprise – as he knew Cardinal Bergogolio when he worked for the Bishops Conference in Argentina  – so we were all delighted to hear his story.

How I met Pope Francis by Milan C Jelic

milanA year ago, I had the intention to speak with father Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio about the political party some friends and I were trying to create (and still working on it) in the City of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The party is not a religious party but since I am Catholic I wanted some kind of advice from such a wise man. So I contacted a friend in common and asked him to help me set up a meeting. My friend asked Cardinal Bergoglio and gave me his e-mail . Some days after I wrote an e-mail asking for the meeting, my mobile phone rang  and the person calling said he was ‘Father Mario’. I was standing on the bus, hanging on to the bars  and thinking on other issues, and didn’t realise who was calling.

I would never imagine the Cardinal Primate of Argentina would call himself on the phone, without using a secretary.  So I answered: Who? He replied, Father Mario Bergoglio. Then I said, Oh! I don’t know what to say. Well, you’ve asked for a meeting, haven’t you? He replied… Finally I had my meeting with him. We talked about political philosophy, ontology, Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church and according to it how the Christians should participate in social life. It was a very interesting experience and I remember that meeting as one of the most important ones I have ever had.

Milan’s story reminds me of the interview given by the receptionist of the Jesuit Curia in Rome – who received a similar phone call from -now – Pope Francis . Watch below………….