Giving and receiving a blessing after mass in Karnataka, India


Hello – thanks for visiting!  My name is Fr Tim Byron SJ – I am a Jesuit priest currently working at St Ignatius Church, in Stamford Hill, Tottenham, London, UK . I started this blog as a way of keeping in touch with former students, family and friends whilst in the Philippines and India.  It was an incredible year for me and many of the experiences have been archived here.  I have decided to continue the blog now I am back in the UK partly because it dismays me how the church and faith is so often misrepresented in the media. So this blog is a small attempt to correct some of these misrepresentations.

One of the values of the Jesuits is the desire to find God in all things. So my postings may well cover many topics that I am enthusiastic about. Please leave any comments or links – I will try and share the things that I discover in life and in my work. Please feel free to respond to the postings – I have already seen how some responses have had a big impact on others who read the blog, you maybe doing someone a great favour.  It is all about sowing seeds!

Baptising Mary – the first child of my cousin Pat.