This a list of talks and workshops I can deliver to groups with a brief description of the content, Click on the links to see specific themes and topics covered. Of course, any specific and tailored requests will also be considered.

Schools (for teachers and governors ) 

Schools (for students)  

Christian or Faith Groups 

Other Groups

1)  Spiritual Tools for Mental Health 

A look at the current mental health crisis as experienced in schools and the limitations of the ‘mindfulness industry’ in responding.  I explore the possible causes of this crisis, particularly Social Media, Exam Pressure and the culture of Performativity in Education.   Then I look at the groundbreaking research that started in Hawaii in the 1960’s with the developmental psychologist Emmy Werner who coined the term ‘resilience’  to describe the ‘self-righting tendencies’ of some young adults. Combining this theory with the recent experience of a school in Cannock who stop in the middle of the day to practice the Ignatian Examen. I suggest a theory why the students and teachers have embraced this practice so enthusiastically.   How the daily practice of the Ignatian Examen could be an example of ‘resilience in action’ and is free to implement and practice.  Finally, I suggest ways in which it can be rolled out and delivered to the whole school community.