The ‘School of the Heart’ as St Ignatius called it or tertianship represents the final phase of training for a Jesuit. It was during this year of my formation, when I was away from home, that I started writing this blog. The archives from September 2011 – May 2012 are postings I made whilst on tertianship.

St Ignatius Loyola – founder of the Jesuits

St. Ignatius says of the goals of tertianship in the Constitutions:

…after those who were sent to studies have achieved the diligent and careful formation of the intellect by learning, they will find it helpful during the period of last probation to apply themselves in the school of the heart, by exercising themselves in spiritual and corporal pursuits which can engender in them greater humility, abnegation of all sensual love and will and judgement of their own, and also greater knowledge and love of God our Lord: that when they themselves have made greater progress they can better help others to progress for glory to God our Lord”